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Escentric Molecules 02–A perfume and a chemistry experiment

Just the name Escentric Molecules sounds like a hairbrained idea. Normally perfumes are made from an array of molecules–the scent of a rose alone has many, many different complexes that form that aroma. Additionally, perfumes are broken down into groupings of scent (which also require different molecules): top notes, middle notes and base notes.

Designed by Berlin-based perfumer Geza Schoen and London company ThisCompany and MeCompany, Escentric 02 and Molecule 02 is a set of two perfumes composed primarily of a single molecule called an “Iso E Super.” Of course, they add a few ingrediants to spice things up, but essentially the perfumes are one note-rs.  (For their first version, 01, they added pink pepper, green line and balsamic notes
like benzoin, mastic and incense.) The two bottles are meant to be worn together or layered with other perfumes.

This year they’ve launched their second version, which is centered around the ambroxan molecule. Ambroxan is found in Ambergris secretions by the sperm whale. Whales generate this gummy brown liquid in their intestines to help them digest. Once the gummy brown liquid hits the ocean, it is fried by sunlight, and reacts with a pungent mixture of sea salt and minerals. The nutty scent is harvested when it washes up on shore.

The scent is purported to be quite musky and mineral like. You can buy it at Luckyscent.com

Two years ago, when 01 launched, Kate Moss reportedly went nuts. She stood in line to get a couple bottles.

Escentric 01